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Electrochemical Sensors :  EconoRUSH retractable Sensor Holder.

General Description

The EconoRUSHSentek EconoRUSH Sensor Holder retractable electro-chemical Sensor Holder is designed to allow the replacement of 120mm x 12mm diameter electrodes without interrupting the process flow.

It utilises the Ingold™ 25mm port system, a unique gimbal mounting and o-rings with a low compression set. The majority of the components are constructed of 316L stainless steel.

Sensor Characteristics

Any sensor (pH, DO, Conductivity, etc) with a diameter of 12mm and a working length of 120mm (below the cap) can be used.

The EconoRUSH Sensor Holder is currently designed to receive sensor caps with 13.5 PG threads, although other types can be accommodated. The only stipulation is that the 'measuring' end of the sensor maintains a 12mm diameter beyond the o-ring seals.

Sensor Mounting

The sensors are mounted in the holder with a unique (patent pending) gimbal system, designed to prevent stress points at the sensor cap/body juncture.

Firstly, the o-ring and washer that come attached to the sensor need to be removed as they are not required.

Secondly, the gimbal is threaded onto the sensor until it fully seats. The sensor/gimbal assembly is then fitted into the holder, past the o-ring seals at the front.

Finally, the gimbal nut is threaded onto the holder. It can now be seen that the gimbal freely 'floats' within a spherical chamber. Any misalignment between the sensor cap and body, or bowing in the body does not result in applied stress to the sensor, as is the case with fixed thread systems.

The gimbal assembly also allows for threads other than 13.5 PG to be used. A simple, economical change of gimbal design is all that is required.


Actuation of the EconoRUSH Sensor Holder is an easy one stroke movement. Grasp the actuating handle with one hand. With the other hand, pull the latching band away from the latching post, freeing the actuating mechanism.

Sensor Replacement

With the EconoRUSH Sensor Holder installed, the sensor can be easily replaced without shutting down the process. Manipulate the actuating arm to the retracted position. Remove the gimbal nut. Carefully twist out the sensor/gimbal assembly from the o-ring seals. Remove the gimbal from the old sensor. Mount the new sensor and manipulate the actuator handle into the measuring mode.

Please contact our offices for further details of this innovative new precision product.

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