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Field/Laboratory/Industrial Electrochemical Sensors



Autoclavable / Steam Sterilisable pH Electrodes.

The SterProbe has been developed for use in food,Sentek Steam Sterilisable and Autoclavable pH Electrodes beverage and pharmaceutical related applications. The combination of a special reference design and new glass formulation makes it the ultimate pH probe for your bio-reactor and ensures minimum drift, fast response and accurate pH readings. It has a spherical shaped pH bulb, making breakage virtually impossible.

The SterProbe can be used equally well in small bio-reactors and in large scale fermentation processes.


pH Range: 0 to 14
Temperature Range: 0 to 135C
Connector: Euro-standard with 13.5PG thread
Pressure Range: Max. 10 bars
Compatibility: With all pH transmitters

Gel Filled pH Electrode Euro-Standard PG13.5 Thread

GT135-B120-S8 120mm
GT135-B130-S8 130mm
GT135-B150-S8 150mm
GT135-B210-S8 210mm
GT135-B225-S8 225mm
GT135-B260-S8 260mm
GT135-B325-S8 325mm
GT135-B425-S8 425mm
GT135-B480-S8 480mm

Gel Filled pH Electrode T-Bar, Hex-Nut, Double Junction Reference

GP100-B120-S8 120mm
GP100-B130-S8 130mm
GP100-B150-S8 150mm
GP100-B210-S8 210mm
GP100-B225-S8 225mm
GP100-B260-S8 260mm
GP100-B325-S8 325mm
GP100-B425-S8 425mm

Temperature Sensor, Glass Euro-Standard PG13.5 Thread

TP135-B120-S8 * 120mm
TP135-B130-S8 * 130mm
TP135-B150-S8 * 150mm
TP135-B210-S8 * 210mm
TP135-B225-S8 * 225mm
TP135-B260-S8 * 260mm
TP135-B325-S8 * 325mm
TP135-B425-S8 * 425mm
TP135-B480-S8 * 480mm

* Please advise PT100 or PT1000

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