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What is Salinity ?

Salinity refers to the concept of saltiness of a body of water. Water is defined as saline if it contains 3 to 5% salt by volume. The ocean is naturally saline at ~3.5% salt (see sea water). Some inland salt lakes (seas) are even saltier. The technical term for ocean saltiness is halinity, from the fact that halides (chloride, specifically) are the most abundant anion in the mix of dissolved solids. In oceanography, it has been traditional to express salinity as concentration in parts per thousand (ppt or o/oo), which is grams salt per litre of water.

For more information on Salinity Measurement, please visit our technical area

How Can Salinity be Measured?

Salinity can be measured in the laboratory using a bench Salinity Meter, in outdoor and field applications a portable Salinity Meter would be used.  

What products do R.M.S Ltd offer for Salinity Measurement?

Portable Hand Held Instruments:

The R.M.S EcoScan Salt 6 Portable Salinity Meter is ideal for fish farms (marine fish) and fish ponds (koi), pool water, aquaculture systems, aquariums, food processing and healthcare industries. The meter offers the user an accurate and reliable Salinity meter with user friendly functions with an accuracy of 1% full scale.

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Outdoor & Field Applications: 


Our SALTScan Salinity waterproof portable tester are used in aquariums, hobbyists (koi fish), aquaculture and fish-farms, water and wastewater treatment, pool and spas. having many advanced features such as waterproof, dustproof housing IP67 rated - maintains the integrity of your tester even in harsh field conditions, Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC) - ensures optimum accuracy under fluctuating temperatures, Factory calibrated against NaCl standards - ideal for testing salinity levels.

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Laboratory Applications: 

Our CyberScan multi-function Analytical Laboratory instruments offer the user the ability to measure a range of different parameters. You can choose from our competitively priced CyberScan PC510 giving you the option to measure pH, Conductivity, TDS & Temperature through to our top of the range CyberScan PCD5000 offering pH, mV, Ion, DO, BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand), Conductivity, Salinity, TDS, Resistivity & Temperature all from the same instrument!  

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Replacement Sensors and Ancillaries:

At R.M.S Ltd we can supply replacement Salinity Cells for both Industrial and Laboratory applications that are compatible with all modern instruments. All of our electrochemical sensors can be supplied with or with out temperature compensation. All we need is the make and model of your Salinity meter so that we can determine the correct connector etc - please email, phone or fax us with your requirements and one of our team will contact you. 

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Sentek Conductivity Cell







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We are proud to announce the launch of the Worlds First CFR 21 Compliant - Windows CE Driven Multi-Parameter 6000 Range of Bench Meters. Ideal for use in industries such as Pharmaceutical, Food & Drug Manufacture and Health & Human Services. Please click here for details.

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