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Water Testing Instruments.

Process control methods for Water Purification, Effluent Water Testing and the treatment of waste water.

Online Turbidity Meter

Russell Mainstream Supply provides an extensive range of instruments that can increase the efficiency of process control. These instruments can measure dissolved oxygen, conductivity, temperature and turbidity accurately and easily and are ideal for water purification, ground and effluent water testing and wastewater treatment activities.

Our equipment is utilised in many industries, from sewage purification, effluent processing and aquaculture testing uses in fish farming. In both the field analysis and analytical activities in life and clinical science laboratories, core tests carried out by our equipment include:

  • pH levels
  • TDS (Total Dissolved Solids)
  • Turbidity
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • ORP (Redox Potential)
  • Ion Concentration Analysis
  • DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
Online Turbidity Meter

RM Supply provide meters, sensors & electrodes that measure turbidity, conductivity, temperature & pH levels.

For continuous monitoring and analysis applications as well as advanced online process control, the extensive RM Supply range contains pocket sized testers, oxygen sensors and turbidity meters in varying sizes from handheld to bench top.

How we can raise your productivity

Our equipment is easy to use and constructed to the highest standards without any compromises on quality. You will save both time and money with our competitively priced products. With full support and expansive applications advice, added to a complete retrofit service (if required), peace of mind is guaranteed.

PH Controller Bench PH Meter Conductivity Sensors
 PH Controller

 Bench PH Meter

 Range of Conductivity Sensors

Water treatment systems

Our process control methods are perfect for water purification, effluent water testing and the treatment of waste water. For the best water treatment systems at the most cost effective prices, you can be sure to come to us!

Turbidity meters

The cloudiness or haziness of water is an important factor in water quality. Turbidity meters can measure the turbidity (or cloudiness) of water accurately and easily by using a light beam and a very sensitive sensor. Our turbidity meters can be used for a variety of purposes from sewage purification to aquaculture testing.

Flame photometer

Our Flame Photometers measure the colour of light emitted from flames to accurately detect the materials contained within a sample. Using our Flame photometers is a simple, relatively inexpensive, high sample throughput method used for clinical, biological, and environmental analysis.


Colorimeters are an easy way to measure free chlorine, Total Chlorine, Cyanuric Acid and pH effortlessly. This handy product can be used for anything from swimming pools and spas to industrial wastewater and municipal treated water monitoring. Visit our colorimeter section for more details.

PH testers

We sell portable pH testers, handheld pH meters, industrial pH controllers and waterproof pH meters. For more information please visit our PH testers page.

Conductivity meters

We have an extensive array of the finest conductivity meters designed specially to suit your requirements. Please visit our Conductivity meters page for more information.

TDS meters

From portable TDS meters and handheld TDS meters to bench TDS controllers and replacement cells, we are sure that we have the right product to suit any need.

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