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Instruments, Controllers & Sensors




Portable Turbidity meters

Bench Turbidity meters

Online Turbidity

Flame Photometry

BWB-1 Flame Photometer

Dissolved Oxygen (DO)

Handheld Dissolved Oxygen IP67 Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Bench Dissolved Oxygen Meters

Industrial Dissolved Oxygen 

Dissolved Oxygen Probes

DO Probe Conditioner


Portable pH Testers

Handheld pH Meters

Waterproof pH Meters

Bench pH Meters

Industrial pH Controllers

Replacement pH Electrodes


Free Chlorine

Total Chlorine

Cyanuric Acid

Redox (ORP)

Portable Redox Testers

Handheld Redox Meters

Waterproof ORP Meters

Bench ORP Meters

Industrial ORP Controllers

Replacement Metal ORP Probes

Conductivity (EC)

Portable Conductivity Testers

Handheld Conductivity Meters

Waterproof Conductivity Meters

Bench Conductivity Meters

Industrial Conductivity Meters

Replacement Conductivity Cells

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)

Portable TDS Testers

Handheld TDS Meters

Waterproof TDS Meters

Bench TDS Meters

Industrial TDS Controllers

Replacement Cells

Ion Concentration

Handheld Ion Meters

Waterproof Ion Meters

Bench Ion Meters

Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)


Portable Salinity Testers

Handheld Salinity Meters

Bench Salinity Meters

Salinity Sensors

Multi-parameter Bench Meters


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Multifunctional Controller


Chlorine Dioxide

Paracetic Acid

Hydrogen Peroxide 



Bench Resistivity Meters

Industrial Resistivity Controller

Resistivity Cells

Electrochemical Sensors

pH, Reference, Conductivity, Redox, Dissolved Oxygen, Ion Selective Electrodes, Calibration Solutions, Hollow Cathode Lamps and

Deuterium Lamps

Links of Interest

we are currently compiling our list of links to our site. If you are interested in linking your site with us please contact us at wrussell@rmprocesscontrol.co.uk and state your website address and we will be in touch.

Please click on the following Links of interest:

Infection Control - Advise and support on all aspects of Infection Control, we offer a wide range of products for use in Hospital Disinfection and Laboratory Hygiene.

Dip Slides - High quality dip slides (manufactured in the UK) and shipped worldwide.

Office Water Coolers and Water Cooler Sanitisation - specialists in the supply of point of use plumbed in, bottle free water coolers.

Wastewater Treatment - Global Treat, Inc. offers wastewater treatment equipment, gas chlorinators and industrial effluent disinfection systems.

Pur Water Filters & Replacement Cartridges - Offers full line of pur water filters and replacement cartridges.

Movincool, Portable Spot Coolers, Portable Air Conditioner Rentals - Offers Movincool portable air conditioner and spot cooler sales and rentals.

Degaussers & Degaussing: Degauss tape, hard drives, more - A supplier of computer-room fire-suppression equipment, computer-room air-conditioners, magnetic media, reconditioned computer tape, degaussers, and tape duplication/conversion services.

Freight Shipping - Online shipping services, courier services, air freight services, ground services, door to door shipping, ocean freight, trucking.

Water Purification Systems, Reverse Osmosis, Water Filters - Offers water purification systems, reverse osmosis filters
and other water treatment and purifier products.


DIY Conservatories - Range of quality diy conservatories at genuine trade prices. Build your own conservatory and save thousands.

Pressure Transducer, Proximity Sensor and Flow Sensors - Pressure Transducer and Proximity Sensor - Machine Design offers engineers information they need for a pressure transducer, proximity sensor, pressure sensor or flow sensors.

Chemical Industry - Chemical Industry Information directory serving information about various chemicals, chemical manufacturer, chemical supplier, chemical exporters and chemical importers information.


Function Generators, Spectrum Analyzers and Power Meters - Global Test Supply is a distributor of new and refurbished test equipment.

Dehumidifiers, Basement Moisture, Musty Odors, Mildew, Mold - Humidex Dehumidifiers - Offering basement dehumidifiers to eliminate musty odors, mildew and mold in crawl spaces, and basements.

ClearFlite Air Purifiers - Features air purifiers that use HEPA and UV to address allergy and asthma issues. Includes systems from makers such as Blueair, IQAir, Austin Air, and Air-O-Swiss.


Fireplace Mantel, Home Heating, Vent Free Gas Log, Outdoor Patio Heater - Offers fireplace mantels, patio heaters, kerosene heaters, gas logs, ventless fireplace, gas space heaters and other home and outdoor heating products.

Calibration Services - INSCO offers calibration and certification services with assurance of the highest standards of measurement quality.

Air Conditioner Repair Atlanta - Universalservices1 provides Atlanta heating and air conditioning maintenance services with more than 50 years of experience in Atlanta heating & cooling.

Labnics Laboratory Equipment - Manufacturer of high quality laboratory equipments for scientific, educational, research, health and pharmaceutical related industries.

Animal Dyson Vacuum, Vac Cleaners - Offers Dyson vacuum cleaners including models such as DC15 Animal, DC14, and DC07.

Commercial Skylights, Cupolas, Gutter Accessories, Louvers - Offers roofing services including commercial roof panels, chimney caps, copper cutters, half round gutters, skylights, and wall paneling.


Roofing Fairfax County and Virginia Siding Contractors - Marshall Roofing is a Virginia-based roofing contractor who offers roof repairs and siding services in Nokesville, Haymarket, Herndon, Alexandria and Warrenton Virginia areas.

Water Softener Water Softener and water filter systems deliver clean delicious water to your entire house.

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R.M.S Launch the all new BWB-12 Flame Photometer, simple & reliable measurements in Flame Photometry offering the user the capability to simultaneously detect Sodium (Na) - Potassium (K) - Lithium (Li) - Calcium (Ca) - Barium (Ba) and display of all 5 elements. . Please click here for details.

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