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Water Treatment Process Control Instrumentation / SCADA Interface : Water Quality pH Meter (Alpha PH2000)

Our water treatment process control pH meter / SCADA Interface is widely used by water companies in the UK for water quality control. The Alpha 2000 can be easily configured to your SCADA at the touch of a button! it has two Galvanically Isolated Scaleable 0-20/4-20 mA Outputs for pH/ORP and temperature, making it simple to configure to your SCADA, remote SCADA system or any other control device. The Alpha 2000 is our top of the range industrial pH process control instrument that is proving to be very successful within the water industry when used with our spi11 Porous Teflon pH probe with built-in Pt100/Pt1000 temperature compensation, especially in troublesome applications such as low conductivity of water. The user can also hook the instrument to recorder and document data for regulatory compliance. Applications for the Alpha 2000 include:

Water Treatment : 

Water Treatment, Water Purification, Drinking Water, Sewage Treatment, Effluent treatment and Waste Water Treatment.

General :

Process Analytical Technology

Industrial : 

Food Processing, Waste Chemical Disposal, Aquarium, Pharmaceutical and Hydroponics

Regulatory : 

Hook to recorder to document data for regulatory compliance.

Main Features :

  • Built-In Programmable for On/Off, Proportional, or PI (Proportional integral control) - ideal for most demanding precision process control applications
  • User-Customization through Advanced Setup Menu offers flexibility in matching the controller's functions to suit individual's specific requirement
  • Automatic Calibration with Auto-Buffer Recognition eliminates mistakes during calibration
  • Symmetrical Mode Operation eliminates electronic noise problems when used with solution ground
  • Backlit Display offers reading in low-light conditions
  • Universal Power Supply Input from 85 to 250 VAC/DC allows use at multiple sites and withstands voltage fluctuations
  • Rugged NEMA 4X housing protects controller from the elements and dirty industrial applications
  • Two Level Password Protection prevents unauthorized tampering with settings0 to 2000 Second Time Delay Adjustment on control and alarm delays
  • Hold Relay for use with float switches/flow switches and other controllers as a failsafe function
  • Two Galvanically Isolated Scaleable 0-20/4-20 mA Outputs for pH/ORP and temperature
  • Wash Contact Relay controls electrodes cleaning systems at desired duration and frequency
  • Choice of Glass or Antimony Electrode for general purpose or hydrofluoric acid applications
  • Adjustable Hysteresis (Dead Band) prevents rapid contact switching near set point
  • Non-Volatile Memory retains all stored parameters and calibration data even if power fails
  • Large Dual Display shows pH (or ORP) with temperature simultaneously - features clear multiple icons, set points, and status messages 
  • Choice of Temperature Sensor Pt100/Pt1000 with 2-wire or 3-wire temperature input selection 
  • Easy Installation and Wiring with detachable plug-in connectors 
  • Panel-mounted version is also available

Product Code

pH Range -2.00 to 16.00 pH
Resolution & Accuracy 0.01 pH & 0.01 pH
pH Buffer Options pH 1.01, 4.01, 6.86, 7.00, 9.00, 9.18, 10.01
No. of pH Calibration Points Up to 2 points
ORP Range (% or mV) 0 to 100%; -2000 to + 2000 mV
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1% Full Scale or 1 mV & 2 mV
Temperature Range -9.9 to 125.0 C (15.0 to 257 F)
Resolution & Accuracy 0.1 C (0.1F) & 0.5 C (0.9 F)
Sensor (for ATC) PT100/PT1000
Type of Controller Setting Off (Monitoring); Proportional Integral (PI); 
Proportional (Pulse Length or Pulse Frequency)
Pickup/Dropout Delay 0 to 2000 seconds
Electrode Type Selection Glass or Antimony
Signal Input Asymmetrical / Symmetrical
Signal Output Range Scaleable (pH 1 to 14)
No. of Relays
Maximum Voltage
Maximum Current
High/Low Hysteresis Band
2 SPDT; 1 Alarm
250 VAC
0.1 to 1.0 pH; 10 to 100 mV
Contact Set-points Lo/Lo; Lo/Hi; Hi/Lo; Hi/Hi (selectable)
Wash Cycle/Duration 0.1 to 199.9 hrs & 1 to 1999 s
Power 80 to 250 VAC/DC, 48 to 62 Hz
Dimensions 1/2 DIN (144 x 144 mm)

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